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Type: Nikon D7000 With A Nikkor 15-108mm Lens
Location: Abeokuta, Ogun state
Price: ₦ 230,000.00 (Charged Daily)
Description: A neat Nikon D7000 camera with a Nikkor 15-108mm lens Delivery fee- 10,000 daily
Details and Rental


Type: Studio Equipment
Location: Ogba-lagos
Price: ₦ 15,000.00 (Charged Daily)
Description: The surface of the paper is non-reflective and has a fine-tooth finish, and are available in different colours.
Details and Rental

Backdrop Stand

Type: Studio Equipment
Location: Ogba-Lagos
Price: ₦ 3,000.00 (Charged Daily)
Description: It's a secure way of hanging cloth backgrounds or seamless paper rolls
Details and Rental
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